Visitors Impressum About the raising of my puppies: My puppies are raised in the home, family connection with full on. I have no kennels. I attach particular importance, in addition to health, the character development and socialization. So I want to allow each puppy the best start in his new life. In the apartment they will grow up with the normal everyday sounds. In addition to hoover & Co. the puppies learn to know a lot of visitors. In this I place much importance to the diverse groups of people (from young to old, from large to small). With reasonable weather, it goes out. I have a large puppy outlet in the garden, with various backgrounds and games that are regularly replaced by new ones. Before delivering the puppies are various breeds of dogs have learned. For this purpose, the dogs of our family to be clamped. These dogs we have known for years and know how to react to puppies. This experience is very important so that they have met a lot of play and behavioral differences. Starting with the boxer a Labrador Cocker Spaniel Mix up to pug-beagle mixed breed, some breeds are represented.   Earliest age of eight weeks the puppies move to their new owners. They are microchipped at the time, vaccinated and dewormed. You get an EU pet passport and the original FCI / VDH / GBF pedigree. In addition, each puppy owner gets a starter set for his new family member. This consists of the puppy starter kit from Royal Canin, food, leash, collar, toys, and much more ... That our puppies to leash and collar are used, is for us a matter of course! After purchasing is before purchasing! I attach great importance to relations with my puppy owners. Periodically, I would like to visit my offspring and keep contact with their new families. If you do not want that, please understand that I will not sell you a puppy. Do you have questions or would like me and my dogs to get to know personally? Then write me an email or call me. I appreciate every nice visitor / caller.