Visitors Impressum The way we’re living: I’m living with my both Staffordshire Bullterriers Xaya (Silkstaff’s Especially for you) and Lennox (Flying Staff’s Al Capone)  in the former holiday resort of Knesebeck, in the Luneburg Heath. In the beautiful state of Lower Saxony, where our dogs are able to run free and do not need to adhere to arbitrary laws requirements. Why I chose this breed: A few years ago I met for the first time a so-called fighting dog (Soka), a pitbull. Influenced by the media, I got this dog and his owner at first a little sceptical and could only judge him badly. These dogs are so dangerous, when you believe what the media is saying. Pretty fast I had to admit that this supposedly dangerous dog is the friendliest and most love needing dog I've ever met. Since this day it was clear to me, I would also have a Soka to open the eyes of other people through a positive attitude with these dogs. I started the first time altercate with these breeds intensively and came across the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which is in England affectionately called "Nanny dog". My first Staffordshire Bullterrier: I informed myself about the exhibition dates at the website of the GBF, and attended my first exhibition in the “Schlos Meisdorf”. Here I met Tom Müller of "Silkstaff's” the first time. He could tell me al lot about this breed. I also had the opportunity, to see the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in real life. I was ardent and after a few preparations I could take the Xaya (Silkstaff's Especially for you) home. Since I’m having her, I can only report positive about this race. It's me every time again a great pleasure and confirmed me in what I do when people puzzled ask "I can’t believe! This should be one of these dangerous dogs?". As well it’s so beautiful to see how careful and lovely she is treating my three nieces (1, 3 and 5 years old). About breeding: Through the positive feedback and the so well accepting in my area I decided to breed Staffordshire Bullterrier. The aim of this breed is breeding on the one hand healthy, expressive and high principled dogs and on the other hand to cover demand of dogs which are socially acceptable and lovely family dogs.