Visitors Impressum Flying Staff’s Al Capone Call name: Lennox D.O.B.: 05.06.2011 L-2HGA Clear by birth HC Clear by birth Titel: Youth Champion VDH Youth Champion GBF Youth Champion DCBT Passed the breeding exam on 08/07/2012 Phenotype: Harmoniously developed male, dark eyes, pronounced stop, masculine head and expression, excellent angulation front and rear. Straight front, very good neck and topline, and free movement in the liquid. Complete scissor bite. Character: Lennox is a calm and balanced dog. He is very sweet to everyone, especially children. With other dogs he goes without problems. Very friendly charming nature. Show results: 1x BOB 7x V    (Excellent - Open Class) 3x V    (Excellent - Intermediate Class) 15x V  (Excellent - Junior Class) 1x SG (Very Good - Junior Class) 2x VV (Very Promising - Puppy Class) Bredder & Owner: Sabine Sander